“Per Angusta,  Ad Agusta”,  is the motto of our school Convent of  Jesus and Mary International School, Kharghar.  It means “Through Endeavour to Greatness”.

A campus tour for the parents was arranged on the Tuesday, 20th December 2016. The programme began with a meaningful prayer service conducted by Sr. Sheron, thanking God for his blessings on the  new school. Sr. Antonette then introduced the pedagogy of St. Claudine, urging everyone to emulate St. Claudine’s virtue of peace and forgiveness.

Ms. Louisa briefed the parents of about the innovative, value based, fun and inquiry driven curriculum. Beyond content, children would get creative opportunities to enhance their skills and competency, thus ensuring all round development. The guests for the day were-Mr. Adil Cooper – the Director of Company Victory, Mr.Akshay Chopra –Key Accounts Manager –XSEED Group and Mr. Thomas – the PRO of city Montessory School, Lucknow who was instrumental in setting up our ICSE School – were introduced and felicitated. Mr. Adil Cooper informed parents about the school uniform, shoes and entire school essential materials. Mr. Akshay Chopra briefed the parents on the XSEED ICSE curriculum.

Parents were then given light snacks while they had a look at the books, uniforms and educative materials displayed in the hall. The teachers then escorted the parents to have a look around the campus and the colourfully equipped  classrooms. Parents were very happy and satisfied with the campus tour.