The First Assembly of the school was held on Monday,  3 April 2017.The theme for the assembly was “I Am Not Perfect But I Am Unique”.   Master Nathan D’Souza welcomed everyone present at the assembly. To invoke God’s presence the Samai was lit, while the children sang, “This little guiding light of mine”. This was followed by a reading and reflection from the bible. Children then prayed for various intentions asking God to bless the sisters, teachers, parents and students during the school year. As a concluding prayer children sang a very beautiful song “A Gift To You”.

A very apt video “The cracked Pot” was shown to let children know that in spite of all our weakness we can still be very useful. Children then did an action song “Each of us is a flower”, giving a message that each one is beautiful and unique. Father Paul who had come to our school explained to the children that they were very lucky to study in this school. Children should make use of their talents and opportunities given to them. Father Paul then went around  blessing the school for growth and prosperity.